At RHH Execution Limited, we dedicate a team of people to each project which consists of an Estimator, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and an On-Site Project Manager. This team starts the project, and finishes the project. Each works very closely with the other through the complete duration of the project. The Project Manager is designated as the lead to each project and is involved from the design phase through to completion, ultimately responsible for the project outcome. They are instrumental in making any/all key decisions with relation to the flow of the project and in conjunction with the On-Site Project Manager are responsible to ensure all scheduled milestones are met and strict safety compliances are followed. They work closely with the client, architects, engineers, and sub-contractors as well as City Officials and Safety Boards.

Project Managers will also have a Project Coordinator working with them that handles the day to day deliverables such as material deliveries, trade communication and scheduling notifications, work orders, budgeting and PO’s.

Our Job Site Superintendents or as we refer to them, On-Site Project Managers are very well versed in all facets of site management. They worked closely with their Project Manager to ensure all scheduling milestones are met or exceeded. They understand the impact and importance deadlines have on our Client’s and are extremely dedicated to ensure all deadlines are met. The On-Site Project Manager is responsible to manage and coordinate all trades and work in conjunction with Property Managers or Mall Management to ensure all policies and procedures are being followed.

Safety Comes First

However, most importantly, the On-Site Project Manager is responsible for the complete safety while on the site. This is an area where there is zero tolerance and absolutely no compromise in ensuring our trades, site visitors and RHH Execution Limited personnel are working within a safe environment.