Philosophy & Core Values

Quality, Reliability and Professionalism: all you need to build your vision.

RHH Execution Limited is a leading commercial and residential general contractors serving Toronto and Montreal in their diverse and numerous market segments.

We have gained strong recognition for understanding all sorts of big and small projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies and making a difference for our clients, employees, community and environment. We help you in making your vision come true.

We strive towards better and improved services through innovative technologies to meet your building needs. Integrity, reliability, professionalism and quality are the true strengths of RHH Execution Limited. We are committed to delivering top quality and affordable services with unparalleled efficiency and dedication.


Why Choose US?

RHH Execution Limited is a company based on specialists in commercial, residential and industrial construction, remodeling and renovation projects. Our passion for a better life enables us put all of our efforts into helping you increase the value of your property.  This is how RHH Execution makes a difference.


All our work is in compliance with CCOHS. We ensure a safe work environment for our employees and the neighborhood.
Liability Insurance & WSIB Certifed
You Never have to worry when you hire RHH Execution, your property is 100% insured against any damages or liabilities.

Consistency & Quality

We are masters of consistency & quality. Fully informed with the latest industry standards and trends, we can assist you from concept to creation.


Equipped with the latest technologies and building expertise, we can help you in all aspects of construction, remodeling and renovation for domestic and commercial projects.

Diverse Services

We offer diverse services with unvarying quality. When you work with RHH Execution Limited, rest assured you get true value for your money.


We keep you informed about work progression at every step to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.


Completely devoted to meeting our commitment. Always getting the job done right, on time and within budget.